At Immersive Tech Lab, we leverage the power of Data Analytics and AI to get better results. We have experienced Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Machine Learning engineers who transform the data, get useful insights, build machine learning models, and deploy them as per the need.

Our experts transform raw data into useful insights and forecasts that take your business to a flying stage. With our advanced analytics solutions, you gain a competitive edge and unlock strategic opportunities to propel your business forward.

Customized Chatbot Creation 🔥 (Hottest)

This is our hottest product right now. We create AI-powered chatbots that can mimic any personality, through data. It-s about time that a chatbot having your own personality is deployed on your site and talks to your customers when you arent there. Excited much? So are we.  Contact Us  for more.

AI-powered products

We create AI-powered tools, products, and technologies through customized coding in Python and other languages to make your job easier. Our service consists of highly customized AI-powered tools that can enhance your previous workflows. You can create any AI-powered tool that you like.

Data Visualization

We have experts who possess data visualization techniques to visualize and present complex data in a visually engaging manner, which makes it easier for you to comprehend and make decisions.

Predictive Analysis

Our predictive analytics models leverage historical data to predict future trends and results, which empowers you to plan your next strategy and optimize your business and its sustainability.

Customer Segmentation

By segmenting your customers based on behavior and preferences using unsupervised machine learning, we enable you to target specific groups with specific marketing efforts that save your cost and allow the user to have a personalized experience.

Recommendation Systems

By implementing recommendation systems, you can help enhance customer engagement and loyalty by offering personalized product recommendations, which will lead to higher conversions and customer satisfaction.

Fraud Detection

Our custom-made machine learning models can help detect fraudulent activities, safeguarding your business and ensuring a safe space for both you and the customer.

Churn Analysis

With the power of data analysis, you can have a closer look at the reasons a customer churns and you can identify the patterns of customer churn to implement better strategy and retain your customers.

Custom Machine Learning Models

We develop customized machine learning models that address the specific needs of your business and get the most effective solution.

Real-time Analytics

We empower you with real-time analytics capabilities so that you can respond quickly to changes in market trends and conditions, and make better business decisions.

A/B Testing and Optimization

We conduct A/B testing to evaluate different strategies and optimize your marketing campaigns and user experiences for better performance.

Tools We Work On

For AI/ML, we work with TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, Keras, OpenCV, XGBoost, and others. For Data visualizations and analysis, we use Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio as well and SQL to leverage for data manipulation.